Crafting in the Spanish tradition, I build primarily with handtools because it allows an increased sensitivity to the inherent qualities of wood, and gives me a deep personal satisfaction. While traditional tools do require a slower pace, I covet the close relationship to materials that handtools allow. Through them, I strive to create instruments of a refined sound: with depth, brilliance, balance, and intimacy.

My classical guitars follow the plan of a 1943 classic guitar built by Hermann Hauser, a masterful luthier who largely based his work upon that of Antonio Torres. The many hours I’ve spent consulting with Jeffrey Elliott, who drew the plan, and Cyndy Burton, a French Polish expert, have helped me better understand this design’s intricacies and appreciate its depth of details. It has been humbling and moving to experience the refined work of these builders. I draw additional inspiration from masters of the past including Jose Romanillos and Robert Bouchet.

Every guitar is a work of art. From carefully selected tonewood, through meticulous fretwork, to a fine French Polish, I hope each one will please your eyes, hands and ears.